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Make it

UX Design | 2015-2016
The first home robot by Asus. I worked on system architecture and interaction, voice interface, emotion expression through voice and sound, posture and movement design, and the specifications and interaction of 11 native apps. Since I am involved in almost all aspects of Zonbo's UX design, I became the author of The Design Guideline for Zenbo.
Vox Nativa Children's Choir
Visual Design | 2008-2017
Vox Nativa is an education association aiming at providing better academic resources for Bunun tribe, one of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. I have been designing the visual identity, album art, and even movie poster for them since its foundation in 2008.
Product Design Concept | 2011
Inspired by molecular gastronomy, this design uses the mechanism of an experiment apparatus to capture aroma molecules while we cook.
Biology Textbook
Cover and layout Design | 2010-2013
This is the textbook for senior high school students in Taiwan. Its ground-breaking cover and layout design has influenced many successors.
Aquator the water dispenser
Product Design Concept | 2010
This electricity-free water dispenser can float by itself. When grabbed by the handle, water pressure will pump drinking water out.
Campus Map of NTU
Visual Design | 2006
The official map for NTU freshmen. Instead of the traditional “north-up equivalence”, we adopt the “forward-up equivalence” to assist wayfinding behavior.