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Who Is The Expert
Framing And Expert Power Decides Between Algorithm Aversion and Algorithm Appreciation
Research Project | 2020-2021
In this project, we demonstrate that the framing (how a system is named and described) and expert power (the perceived competence) are the key factors influencing whether people will prefer suggestions from humans or from AI systems. We highlight this as a design oppurtunity to manipulate people's acceptance to AI decision-support systems. This paper is published at CSCW 2021.
Emotion Modeling
Emotion Model
Research Project | 2018-
I am currently developing a mathematical model of emotion communication and interpersonal emotion regulation. Using a game theory approach, I hope this model can help us better understand the role of emotions in the interaction between humans and intelligent agents.
Robots in Power
Robots/AI in Power
Research Project | 2017-
I am interested in how organizational factors, such as power, status, hierarchy, can affect human-robot interaction in a work team. I believe when we design for the collaboration between humans and intelligent systems, we should not only design the systems themselves but also design the organizational structure around the collaboration.
Asus Zenbo
2017 reddot design award
UX Design | 2015-2016
The first home robot by Asus. I worked on system architecture and interaction, voice interface, emotion expression through voice and sound, posture and movement design, and the specifications and interaction of 11 native apps. Since I am involved in almost all aspects of Zonbo's UX design, I became the author of The Design Guideline for Zenbo.
Logo Design
Logo Design | 2017
This logo was designed for Chemical and Toxic Substances Bureau in Taiwanese Government. The shape of this chemical molecule is a house, as well as the Chinese character "化" for chemistry.
Asus Xmas Tree
Immersed in Light
Installation Art | 2015
This project was selected to be exhibited in Asus headquarter during the 2015-2016 holiday season. I was a member of the design team, in charge of the ideation, mechanical structure, lighting design, and filming.
Asus Mobile Phone Apps
UI & UX Design | 2015-2016
Mobile phone apps including Phone, Message, Contact, Music, Calendar, and To-Do List. I developed the information architecture, interaction flow, and wireframes.
My Favorite
My Favorite
Album Art | 2015
A collection of the singers' personal favorites. I designed the cover and brochure with the singers' own hand drawings.
Seeing More or Less?
2014 Distinction Master Dissertation at UCL
Research Project | 2014
I compared how pedestrians use smartphone maps (Google map) versus paper maps in this in-the-wild study. I found that people remembered more road names while using paper maps, but more street scenes when using google map app. The map usage pattern and their spatial memory also differed significantly.
Logo Design
Logo Design | 2013
Vox Nativa Children's Choir
Visual Design | 2008-2017
Vox Nativa is an education association aiming at providing better academic resources for Bunun tribe, one of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes. I have been designing the visual identity, album art, and even movie poster for them since its foundation in 2008.
Product Design | 2011
Inspired by molecular gastronomy, this design uses the mechanism of an experiment apparatus to capture aroma molecules while we cook.
Street Food Stall
Street Food Stall
Product Design | 2011
This ergonomic design of street food stalls aims at optimizing the workflow and minimizing the workers' physical stress.
Biology Textbook
Cover and layout Design | 2010-2013
This is the textbook for senior high school students in Taiwan. Its ground-breaking cover and layout design has influenced many successors.
Aquator the water dispenser
Product Design | 2010
This electricity-free water dispenser can float by itself. When grabbed by the handle, water pressure will pump drinking water out.
Let the Wind Carry Me
Let the Wind Carry Me
Movie Poster Design | 2010
The poster for the Golden Horse Award-winning movie conveys the sadness of the passing time. I also did the handwriting typography for the title.
Swimming Buoy
Swimming Buoy
Product Design Concept | 2009
This swimming buoy comes with a window for underwater view.
Out of the Classroom
Out of the Classroom
Installation Art | 2008
Project 01
Project 01
Sculpture | 2007
XinFu Park
XinFu Park
Landscape Design | 2006
The landscape design and plantation plan of XinFu park in Wenshan District, Taipei.
After We Leave
After We Leave
Photography Collection | 2006
An abandoned neighborhood in suburban Taipei. I also did the film development myself.
Campus Map of NTU
Visual Design | 2006
The official map for NTU freshmen. Instead of the traditional north-up equivalence, we adopt the forward-up equivalence to assist wayfinding behavior.