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YoYo 侯宗佑
HOU, Tsung-Yu

An interaction designer studying Human-Robot Interaction with background in HCI, Psychology and Design.

I am currently a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell University. Professor Malte Jung is my advisor. Prior to pursuing an academic career, I have worked at Asus as an user experience designer and information architect. I received my master degree in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from UCLIC in University College London (UCL) under supervision of Professor Yvonne Rogers. My two bachelor degree are BSc in Psychology from National Taiwan University (NTU) and BA in Product Design from Shih-Chien University.

Research Interest

My main research interest is in HCI and interaction design. I am especially interested in two topics. The first one is how new digital tools induce subtle behavior change and thus unknowingly reshape our perception, cognition, and the way we perceive the world. The second one, influenced by my work experience, lies in home robot's interaction and communication that conveys emotion and personality.

How to pronounce my name?

Inspired by my friend Yao-Yuan Mao, I think it would be interesting to explain how to pronounce my name here.

To start simple, you can always call me YoYo. All my family call me YoYo, too (though they do so in a Taiwanese intonation).

Still want to give it a try? My name in Chinese, 侯宗佑, is pronounced in Mandarin as hóh-dsōng-yòh (ds as in Beds) and in Taiwanese as hâu-tsong-iū.

Here's how Google Translate pronounces my name.