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Yoyo 侯宗佑
HOU, Tsung-Yu

An interaction designer studying Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Information Science with background in HCI, Psychology and Design.

I am currently a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell University. Professor Malte Jung is my advisor. Prior to pursuing an academic career, I have worked at Asus as an user experience designer and information architect.

I received my master degree in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from UCLIC in University College London (UCL) under supervision of Professor Yvonne Rogers . My two bachelor degree are BSc in Psychology from National Taiwan University (NTU) and BA in Product Design from Shih-Chien University. Prior to these, I studied in the School of Medicine at NTU, where I also had experience in molecular biology labs besides the traditional trainings in science and humanities.

Research Interest

My research interest is in HRI, HCI, and UX design. I am especially interested in these topics:

  1. Can a robot or an AI system be a good manager or a boss? How organizational factors, such as power, status, hierarchy, affect human-robot interaction, particularly in a work team?
  2. More generally, how digital systems induce subtle behavior change and thus unknowingly reshape our perception and cognition.

How to pronounce my name?

Inspired by my friend Yao-Yuan Mao, I think it would be interesting to explain how to pronounce my name here.

To start simple, you can always call me Yoyo . All my family call me Yoyo, too (though they do so in a Taiwanese intonation).

Still want to give it a try? My name in Chinese, 侯宗佑, is pronounced in Mandarin as hóh-dsōng-yòh ( ds as in Be ds ) and in Taiwanese as hâu-tsong-iū .

Here's how Google Translate pronounces my name.